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NEW From ETL Systems - HAWK RF Matrix

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Get more info about our Hawk Dual 8x8 L-band RF Matrix and HAWK LEO 4X4 RF Matrix

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ETL Systems new Hawk dual 8x8 extended l-band matrix

Introducing ETL's new HAWK extended L-band (500-2450 MHz) dual 8x8 RF Matrix. 

With capacity for two 8x8 matrix cards – which can be combining (fan-in) or distributive (fan-out) – for uplink and downlink applications.

The new mini Matrix is ideally suited for smaller LEO and MEO gateways with multiple modems and one or two antennas, as well as HTS ground stations and deployable VSAT terminals.

Get more information about the HWK-10 and HWK-11 (with gain control) or request a quote for our super compact 1U Hawk Matrix.

NEW HAWK LEO 4X4 Extended L-band RF Matrix

Hawk Mini RF Matrix - 4x4 for LEO applications

Introducing ETL's new Hawk LEO 4x4 extended L-band (500-3150 MHz) RF Matrix. 

The compact 1U HWK-15 Matrix is a cost effective solution, whilst maintaining excellent RF performance. The Hawk-15 offers flexible module configurations offering uplink and downlink in the same chassis.

Ideally suited for smaller LEO gateways with a small number of modems, where modem redundancy is required. 

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