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Fibre Optic Link / IFL Model 2808

Fibre Optic Link / IFL Model 2808

ETL produces a compact Fibre Optic Link or IFL Shelf which can contain 1,2,3, or 4 either TX or RX fibre to L-band converters (or a combination of TX and RX) as well as dual redundant power supplies. The units are housed in a 1U 19" shelf so offer very compact solution for smaller installations.

The 2800 series can be fitted with a range of different fibre optic converter modules, depending upon the IFL distance and the application (downlink vs uplink) including a high dynamic range module which is recommended for uplinks as well as stronger downlink signals as it incorporates a superior laser.

L-band hybrid unit with Receive and Transmit modules in the same housing with dual redundant power supplies.

The unit is housed in a 1U high x 450mm deep x 19" wide shelf and is available in the below impedances and connector types.