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NEW VSAT Fibre System to launch at IBC

VSAT Outdoor Unit

VSAT Indoor Unit

The StingRay VSAT Fibre system provides fibre connectivity between a VSAT antenna and a modem. Capable of delivering connections for links up to 10 kilometres apart without the need for additional amplification, it drastically reduces signal loss, ensuring a much higher quality feed, whatever the VSAT application. Thanks to ruggedized Neutrik cables and an IP65 rated weatherproof housing for the outdoor unit, the system can be used, even in the harshest physical environments. Dual redundant power supplies also ensure resilience and continual performance.

ETL's VSAT fibre system consists of one downlink transmission path, with a multiplexed 10 MHz reference signal, and one uplink path with a 10 MHz reference signal. The 10MHz tone is extracted from the uplink input, carried on a separate fibre for best performance and injected into both L-band connectors at the ODU.

The downlink path also provides 13/18 VDC and 22KHz tone for LNB powering and the uplink provides 24V 1A BUC powering. The unit features an Ethernet over fibre port to enable remote M&C of the ODU and external antenna mounted equipment (optional). A non-optical Ethernet version is also available.



StingRay VSAT System Schematic



Model SRY-TR-L1-931
Model SRY-TR-L1-932

850 - 2450 MHz operating frequency range for up and downlinks.
850 - 2450 MHz operating frequency range for up and downlinks.
10 MHz Reference Signal for up and downlinks.
10 MHz Reference Tone extracted from uplink.
LNB & BUC Powering 13/18V, 500mA , 22kHz tone (LNB) 24V, 1A (BUC)

Remote control & monitoring of ODU via optical Ethernet link

IP65 rated weatherproof housing

Resilience from dual redundant power supplies (IDU & ODU)
Optical Ethernet bi-directional, Gigabit Ethernet connection.

Local control & monitoring via front panel push buttons & display