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NEW 4 GHz Matrix for mobile testing applications

We have successfully installed our new 4 GHz matrix at our customers site, expanding the use of our established Enigma matrix in to new wireless testing applications. 

The new distributive (Model NGM-48) and combining (NGMC-48) models have all of the features of our standard NGM-21 matrix, but with an operating frequency range of 1500-4000 MHz.

Applications for use in a test environment include:
• Lab resource sharing
• Network Mobility Testing - multi base station to small cell networks
• Large scale wireless testing - Covers most 4G/LTE network frequencies



Other applications include:
• Signal monitoring of satellite traffic
• Remote controlled unmanned satcom sites
• VSAT networks
• Maritime signal acquisition
• Oil & gas signal acquisition


As standard the Enigma matrix range provides 32 input x 32 output RF signal routing in a 6U high chassis, with minimal impact of failure from fully hot-swap dual redundant power supplies, dual redundant CPU's and RF cards.

The Enigma can be supplied as a part populated chassis and can be expanded in single increments as routing requirements increase. Single input and output cards provide a single point of failure, so that in the unlikely event of a failure a card can be swapped out whilst the unit is in service, ensuring signals are always on-air.

The unit offers extensive remote control and monitoring facilities via a web browser interface, with local control and monitoring provided by a front panel HMI screen.