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ETL have a range of RF marine solutions ideal for satellite communications applications on cruise liners and super yachts.

Our systems can be used as part of a VSAT system or for a TVRO system, enabling passengers to enjoy reliable TV signals whilst sailing the high seas.

29 out of the world's 50 largest cruise ships already use our matrices to switch their RF signals.


Marine related products:

Compact Switch Matrix / Routers
2x1 Antenna Redundancy

RF over Fibre Links
Weatherproof RF Components

We have a number of switch matrices which are ideal for marine applications, including:

16 x 16 Victor Matrix (1U)

16 x 32 Valiant Matrix (3U)

Quad 4 x 16 or Dual 4 x 32 or Single 4 x 64 Optimus Matrix (3U)

Model 23192, L-band VSAT antenna redundancy switch is designed for use on yachts or ships, where blocking requires automatic switching between the antennas.
Component IP65 rated RF over fibre modules which can be mounted near the antenna, transmitting L-band signals from multiple stabilised antennas mounted on the super structure. As well as indoor fibre receivers in a compact 1U high chassis.
We have a range of IP rated passive splitters / combiners, amplifiers and RF over Fibre units.