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Traditionally this sector used satcoms for telephony. ETL has a wide range of splitters and combiners, as well as LNB service shelves and other equipment in use for these traditional applications.

Telco's are also historically many of the main teleport operators, and a lot of ETL equipment can be found in teleports ranging from LNB power supplies, splitters, line amplifiers and switch matrix or routers.

More recently IPTV has been a strong driver and ETL has been involved, providing both straight RF distribution via splitters, and full fan-out switch matrices for more demanding applications.

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Model 26128-DIV407

Model D0132S3ULA-xxxx-D8

Model 22433

Model VTR-10

Modular System with 4-way L-band Splitter modules with variable slope compensation, variable gain and LNB powering

32-way L-band Splitter with dual redundant power supplies and LNB Powering

V-SAT 4-way L-band Hybrid Splitter / Combiner in one unit with integrated BUC and LNB powering & 10MHz Source.

16 x 16 IF/L-band Distributive Victor Matrix

Viasat select ETL to design a custom build solution for NBNs satellite network infrastructure"We are very pleased with the quality of ETL's products and their willingness to provide customised couplers to fit our specific requirements. Thanks to ETL we saved considerable r... read more

Viasat select ETL to design a custom build solution for NBNs satellite network infrastructure

Customised solution helps Arqiva expand the UK DAB network"It was important for Arqiva in the roll-out of the UK DAB radio network that we had a reliable solution for the distribution of signals. Working with ETL provided the exact design... read more

Customised solution helps Arqiva expand the UK DAB network

IPTV expansionA Telco in Europe, which is aggressively expanding into IPTV, installed in late 2008 a very large (64x224) full fan-out switch matrix with NiGMa matrix modules. ETL supplied the h... read more


RF distribution for TVRO applicationA video head-end wanted flexible and expandable RF distribution for their TVRO. ETL's modular system chassis forms an excellent front end for this. The DIV407 modules provide swi... read more