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Market Sectors

Government / Defence

Government / Defence

Government / Defence

ETL offer a wider range of product developed for broader satellite communications, that can be used for defence applications such as RF over Fibre links, Automatic Gain Control Amplifiers and Hybrid Splitter / Combiner shelves connecting multiple modems to remote VSAT terminals providing 10 MHz referencing, LNB and BUC powering.

Our large RF router range can be used for uplink and downlink satcoms, including general traffic and data management, and TVRO applications, as well as receive (RX) only satcoms.

In addition to L-band we also provide a substantial number and size of IF switch matrices, based on Enigma, Vulcan and other technologies which can be used for the government / defence sector.


Products which can be used in Government / Defence applications:


Hot-swap Switch Matrix / Routers

RF over Fibre Links

Variable Gain Line Amplifiers

RF Power Amplifiers

RF routers for receive (RX) only, as well as general traffic and data management, and TVRO applications.

StingRay RF over Fibre inter facility links (IFL) convert high quality RF to optical signals over single mode fibre from, up to 10 km away, with options for distances up to 50 km.

Variable gain amplifier are used to offset signal loss from long runs of cables and passive splitters and combiners by providing gain. Redundant options and amplifiers with automatic gain control (AGC) are available.

RF Power Amplifiers can be used for RF frequency jamming applications. 20 - 6000 MHz frequency ranges with various saturated power options

VSAT system upgrade for an air traffic control provider in Africa"For many years ETL has satisfied our high quality standards and is therefore a valued partner for ND SatCom. For this particular project the splitters and combiners of ETL perfect... read more

VSAT system upgrade for an air traffic control provider in Africa

RF equipment for Government VSAT networkA European government was establishing a secure VSAT network and looking for each remote terminal to have 4 burst modems attached to the VSAT terminal. The remote terminals d... read more

RF equipment for Government VSAT network

US Government Agency using the 48 x 192 Titan IF MatrixA US Government Agency is using the NiGMa IF matrix modules to construct a 48x192 and RX and 48x192 TX matrix for EO data. This was a large project which involved supplying th... read more

US Government Agency using the 48 x 192 Titan IF Matrix