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Extended Warranty

All ETL RF equipment includes a standard 12 month service warranty free of charge. This service warranty begins once the product is delivered by the courier at your chosen location and covers the normal operations of the product. You are able to extend the warranty to cover either special or longer periods.

Type 1 - Standard warranty: We offer warranty extensions to cover 2, 3, 4 or 5 years following date of delivery. Each warranty must be taken out before initial delivery.

Type 2 - In-service warranty extensions: You can extend your warranty while the RF equipment is in service. This must be taken out before the previous warranty has expired.

Type 3 - Pre-Integration/Storage warranty: This covers the period when ETL RF equipment is being installed into your system, before it is in service.

For further details of ETL warranties, please contact and have the model number & serial number to hand. We will then be able to calculate the cost of the warranty extension easily.