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Expandable Matrix for growing satellite downlinks

Expandable Matrix for growing satellite downlinks

Large US broadcaster - this customer has a big teleport on the US East Coast with about 64 Occasional use L-band feeds and a large number of other L-band feeds. For this customer we initially provided a 32x64 L-band switch matrix or router and then within about 12 months expanded this to 32x128. They chose ETL's NiGMa matrix module as the backbone of this matrix system as resilience and reliability were critical.

The whole expansion was seamless and in-service. In parallel with this the customer has also extensively used ETL's modular system (Model DIV 807 splitters) to upgrade some domestic 8-way splitters which were becoming unreliable and had poor RF performance. The DIV807 variable gain, variable slope compensation 8-way splitters not only provided high performance RF distribution, it also allowed the customer to balance cable losses in terms of level and slope - again particularly useful as they started to use 2 GHz feeds.